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Currently working the library scene in the ‘burbs of a small, Midwestern city. It isn’t my passion, but it pays the bills while allowing me to be around thinkers, readers and the materials that allow expansion.

We are storytellers in the digital age – we are blessed for we can share our thoughts in an instant with the world. Storytelling began as a way to share information for survival –  I believe it continues in order to keep us culturally alive. The stories you will find here are rarely fiction … I find ‘living’ far more entertaining.

Stay awhile – join the conversation ~  a.m.f.

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  1. u have beautiful verse. keep talking.

  2. I love your writing…

    • wow, thanks so much for taking the time to peruse and comment! I shall visit soon to
      see what’s up in Kristina’s world ~ angela

  3. That’s uncanny. I use smileys a great deal and even when I’m speaking my sentences end with …..

  4. Thanks. It does feel like a cafe here—people chatting away over and across tables.

  5. Good to discover you. You dropped a kind comment in my blog and I am impressed by what you are doing.

    “… being able to read a massive amount of books at one time without ever finishing on…”…This killed me off.

    • Habari, Salem. I pray that I didn’t “kill you off”! That said, my friend, you’ve an amazing grasp of the English language. I never fared that well in Swahili (and I spent a semester at university trying to understand for a linguistics course, oy!). Asante for taking the time ~ angela

  6. Hello Libraryscene

    Is there some way of subscribing to your blog via email? I cannot seem to find any.


    • I’ll see about a widget, but I do know that if you subscribe via wordpress and then go to “manage your subscriptions” there is an email option ~
      Thank you for asking, most kind ~

      • Thanks, Libraryscene – all this time I had failed to notice that option in the ‘Manage my subscriptions’ section and thought it had to be done from a widget on the blogger’s site %-).

        Am looking forward to spending some time reading your poetry.


  7. Really happy to meet you Angela…..!

  8. I am so glad I found your blog, via FF55. Special place you have created here.

  9. Tino

     /  2011/12/13

    I have to admit, I don’t always ‘get’ your work. I read, of course I do, but I don’t always comment as I am left grasping straws.

    Today though, I read Glass Masque and was just blown away by it.

    Just stopped to read how YHC came about and just wanted to leave a comment and say thank you for sharing what you do.

  10. Raven of Leyla

     /  2012/01/07

    I love the story of the YHC a charming pipe dream.
    Reminds me of Ravenwood, the place of my pipe dreams where I live in my heart. :D

  11. Androgoth

     /  2012/01/11

    I am just taking a fleeting tour but
    I will be back to read some of your
    poetry, and anything else that you
    have on offer… tea perhaps? :)

    In the meantime if you wish to take
    a journey into the wicked, I mean into
    a different WordPress Space, then do
    call in whenever you wish :)

    You might also want to
    bring along some garlic :)


  12. good to find your blog

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow. I would definintely be back on you blog :).

  14. Hello Angela!

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. For more information, go here: http://wp.me/p27uZp-9V


  15. Thank you so much, George! I will say that I’m terrible about doing these, though, so please no offense if I don’t get it completed! Peace ~ angela

  16. I just want you to know that you inspire me. Thank you.

  17. Ah, right, I knew I’d read somewhere you were in the Midwest! (Mind like a sieve–no wonder I can’t keep Modernism terminology straight! You’ve probably said what town, too–if so, perhaps you’ll take pity on this sievelike mind and say again?

    • No worries, Susan – I normally don’t get to personal in blogland anyway. Sadly, not exciting like Chicago; a state over, IA, hence the complacency!

  18. I look forward to following you here at the yhc. —–Chagall

    • Chagall ~ very kind for the comment…my writing can be all over the board, just a warning. ~ a

  19. Yasmeen Baloch

     /  2013/07/23

    Loved your writing :)
    Keep smiling :)

  20. far more… :) Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  21. Hello again, Angela- Out of pure curiosity- Which midwestern state are you working in? Currently in Nebraska over here [Of all places] after spending nearly a decade in Colorado. Anyway, have a great day over there!


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