she dances

upon a violin string inside this brain
and I dare not say anything
just observe, each movement a feathering of earth
hers is a dance of resistance
witnessing artistic freedom thrown into a deep ravine
how she despises the dirty shackles worn daily
judging everything while sitting at the right hand of a powerful nonexistence
they sigh, together, as I pray:
deliver me from these binding chains,
it is the beast of this human race
this inability to escape
a tinderbox of dreams
if someone else is allowed to douse the flame

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  1. “each movement a feathering of earth.” Lovely phrase. I so admire your ability to find a phrase like that!

    • Thank you, Sue… very sorry I am so delayed on responding! Sorting through life, hope to start reading/updating again soon ~ a

      • Good luck with the sorting, never an easy task. Always lovely to “see” you here and there.

  2. So beautifully described, that mood, that position. :)

    • You are most kind, Nomzi, thank you for stopping. I apologize for the late reply – on a bit of hiatus from blogland. ~ angela


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