turn of the screw

My mind fingers it’s red wooden edge
wondering if the ridge is sharp-
wondering if it’s white perfection turns -
could it all change with a turn of the screw

Perhaps yesterday’s newspaper
devoid of color, glaring of white crimes
and black hate, contains a secret code to enter
turning each notch in a pattern until a door
opens allowing us to disappear

What of this heaven when hell is near
do screaming children get welcomed
even when Jesus was just a man according
to their holy book on Allah

Will I burn slowly or do I simply stay
in that decorative box chosen by a crying Mary
who turned away when they finally closed
the mahogany lid, not waiting for the final
turn of the screw for she knew this fate

in case you are a regular reader with an email option, my apologies for it seems I’ve a lot to say today… this post was actually composed a while inspired by a piece of art by Mark Kersetter – it is a wonderful wooden sculpture of screws- sadly I cannot find it on his Flickr site so you will just have to imagine with these words and wherever they take you….

Ps- cannot promise this will be the last today)

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  1. How did you know I was thinking about Jesus and Mary when I made that thing? Kidding aside, I totally get how you allow those screws to turn any wheels at all. Sorry you couldn’t find the picture. The strange thing about the Flickr site is that some of my uploaded pictures (like that one) mysteriously disappear. I wonder if anyone else has that experience.

  2. The masters of capitalistic exploitation, the megacorps and megabanks, are very adroit with the screw.

  3. Nice play off Mark’s art! I think I know the artwork you mean, too, which I love–and, if I’m right about which one, you’ll find it here: http://www.moreanartscenter.org/news.php?id=3148

  4. (There’s a small image at the head of that post, a larger one under Mark’s name further down.)

  5. Angela: totally off point, but I thought of you when I was listening to John Luther Adams’s Become Ocean. Have a listen here, if you get the chance (it’s the first piece on the program):http://www.wqxr.org/#!/story/seattle-symphony-plays-pulitzer-prize-winner/ It’s like sitting at the ocean, watching the waves.


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