April draws near…will you help me?

I need your help.

Next month is National Poetry Month and my damn muse has gone and drown herself…or however one explains a loss of voice. I need to just start writing again – if you write, more words will follow…so Anne Lamott says in Bird by Bird.

This is where I am enlisting your help. My goal is to write at least 15 new poems next month. Inspiration is needed to complete this goal. A brilliant artist/writer posted a couple of poems recently based on ekphrasis – it got me thinking, “poems can be inspired by a work of art!” But there are so many, ergo, you can help me by posting a title of a work, a copy of┬áthe piece, or a link of your favorite art pieces in the comments. Each one posted will get a poem (no promises on quality).

Deal? Is anyone out there? Will you help me? Please?


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  1. Here are a couple of links to sites with numerous pieces. Whenever I am stuck I read poetry for ideas and inspiration, Mary Oliver and Mark Strand work for me…good luck with your project.



    • R ~ thank you for the great links – quite taken by the link and backstory to Ashes…we shall see what happens. best ~ a

  2. How about Daphne and Apollo? I saw it several years ago at the the Borghese and I am still mesmerized from/by it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_and_Daphne_(Bernini)

  3. rita

     /  2014/03/28

    What about Van Gogh’s Starry Night or mcLean’s “Vincent”, the song? Not real original but good poetry fodder . U can make it original!! Rita

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    • Rita ~ as I said today, you are a dear to post! I will give a nod to Van Gogh in some way, thank you for the ideas AND be such a reader of my blog. ~ a

  4. Went into my archives & went with one of my first photos that I shared on the WP.
    Plus – it’s one of my fave tree!


    Best to you on your April poetry goal. No doubt you can do it. :)

    • Oh boy, that is a tall number, Rosy…I hope I am able to give your fave justice. Thank you for the reply ~ a

  5. Allison Schulnik blows my mind ~ http://www.allisonschulnik.com/# Her ‘Ape Women’ are amazing, but peruse the “paintings” section, try any of the “clowns”, flowers or animals.

    If you want to try something lighter, try Sean Landers ~ http://seanlanders.net/work.html (it takes a while for the website to load). I’ve been wanting to write something about his clown paintings from 2011, like ‘Around the World Alone’ http://seanlanders.net/img/339_LSsl-05.jpg

  6. There are two galleries whose exhibitions often spark my imagination (not that I have anywhere to go with that thought!): Pavel Zoubok, which focuses on collage and assemblage http://pavelzoubok.com/node/ivan-chermayeff and The Drawing Center (which had that spectacular exhibit of Dickinson and Walser mss recently) http://www.drawingcenter.org/en/drawingcenter/5/exhibitions/629/traveling/502/ferran-adria/. Good luck in your mission!

    • Sue ~ Thank you so much for the links. I’m terrible for I can conjure nothing for either upon first go, ergo, would you mind if I use a photo from your blog if words form? Several months ago, you had some lovely ones that drew me in….fall, perhaps? Just let me know ~ a

  7. painting van gogh – his room, bed , chair

    • Carl ~ I think I know which one you speak…we shall see what happens for I will need to channel my yellow house mentality… thanks!~ a

  8. A flux of colors…and silk…

    • bellissimo, Roberto ~ I hope that my thoughts cast a story to match this amazing array of color. Will link back to your blog when posting. Grazie! ~ a

  9. Madame X by John Singer Sargent

    • Andra ~ you are such a busy bee…walking over 400 miles of your novel while still posting on other’s blogs! – here I am barely catching up after working all weekend. Ironically, my coworker suggested Madame today…it is harder since I know that portraits backstory! Thanks so much & walk on! ~ a

  10. Travis Rosa

     /  2014/04/01

    This may help:

    • Brilliant, Travis, I have never seen this one… it has a dream-like quality. Thank you! ~ a

      • Travis Rosa

         /  2014/04/02

        I hoped the title would get those juices flowing. A muse is a powerful thing. A good kick in the pants helps too. My writing had been on hiatus for a few months. The writers group kicked it into high gear. Thanks for all the things you do.

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