picasso baby / there will be blood Z

I fell yesterday. I fell hard. It would be wonderful if this was about a somebody. It is not.

I look at the dog – the road greets me – there is a flicker of beige out of the corner of the right eye I roll left into the dogs eye I get up and shake my leg.  Move. Dont let it set too long – get moving – knees starts bending – foot hurts but it is bending Im bending. Im bleeding. Dripping red. Drops of blood. Sprinklers shooting. Move. Dog follows me – I still hold her black potty bag in my other fist. Water jets reveal the ugly truth. There will be blood. I must choose: suck the metallic brightness or leave a trail. We soldier on. Good soldiers. I soldier on. The body metamorphosis. 

True story – jogging with dog, getting reading to step from the grassy field to the road and boom – stepped into a hole – I shook it off – actually biked to work – the shock came later. All day yesterday and last night, I kept imaging falling – it was unnerving. It is amazing how the body bounces back. There is a quarter-size bruise on my knee and the knuckle road burn – the hole has already closed. Perhaps there is something to eating clean. I had more to say on this  – but I shall show a picture of it instead of boring you with my commentary ~



I think I’m in love with Georges Bataille. I am nearing the end of “Guilty” and cannot get over how certain thoughts resonate. He makes me long to be in that place again where I imagined dreams before sleep. Where I believed there could be communication between levels of awake.

This is what it looks like to come out of one’s shell


Need a bit more encouragement to leave your shell? This was shared with me tonight after I mentioned that I’ve become a fan of Marina Abramović. Jay Z did a performance piece for six hours at the Pace. The energy of this video is amazing -


sweet dreams ~ 



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  1. Goin’ “Ouch!” then trippin’ with Jay Z ‘n Condo – what a cool video. Get better!

    • I’m glad you dug this …I’ve played it a few times, it just makes me smile!

  2. angela: Ouch is right, and hope all is healed soon. There is something at once in body and out-of-body about a fall, like the earth coming up to smack us one. As for the rest, this turn of phrase got me, particularly: “communication between levels of awake.”


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