your wife is a lucky one

who pauses in a heated argument with a stranger to check a hand but it was somehow reassuring to verify the instinct that you would not harm me even as i watched your chest rise and fall rapidly not from chasing after me but from the adrenaline of our confrontation

madness – it was all madness

this life is madness and i let you in

i think you regret even at this hour that you turned

perhaps your dream has already become a wooded path at dusk that shall grow noisy with things that scared you as a boy

damn dna

or is that making it too easy 

you repeated so many times-  why did you have to be that way

you did not like my answers 

i am a bitch

i am a cunt

we almost crashed because of you yet it was me in the wrong but that is where we agree and if i could become invisible


it is never the words but the condescending tone that damns us all

you never expected me to stop, slam the brakes until the tire skid sideways

a girl alone

you never expected me to bark back

a girl alone

i am a dog, you see, sir, and if you look, the hand remains empty

a girl alone

you told me of my luck, that you are not the sort to attack

a girl alone

i bit my tongue

most of us have been attacked in our lifetime 

there is no luck only circumstance and the rest of the way home i wondered about that blown tire that kept me from riding my other bike and how we would have probably crashed or i would have hit a tree, a different outcome

maybe not

you are still on my mind and you become  blue then your white t-shirt  and your face is kind despite our yelling

how ashamed that i never became a flower but remained a thorn

your wife is a lucky one whispers between piano keys and fan blades and midnight air 

i am lucky [as you said] that you are not violent and i said yes and that i am aware that another man may have shot me had he a gun

a girl alone

and you flinched

why do people surprise that i understand consequence

why do we resort to violence

the answer is so easy

she is a lucky one


the wood tick cracked under the pressure of  thumb and forefinger while the black spider continued her journey up the bedroom wall

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  1. Striking and disturbing. I don’t know exactly what to make of this, and yet I recognize it. I was particularly struck, in the midst of darker matter, by this: “and your face is kind despite our yelling.”

  2. Wow. Disturbing is right. Just wow.


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