hate – an unloved story

(rarely do I post something that has already gone viral)

But, this, THIS breaks my heart for even as I scan comments on this YouTube after AFTER she has considered the consequences and couldn’t COULD NOT see a pinprick of light there is still STILL a battlefield filled with mean spirits mean hearts mean mouths that continue CONTINUE to bully her in death IN DEATH. 

Do not believe that she died at her own hands because her own hands couldn’t control her own mind.   Do not believe that her drinking, her cutting, her harmful behavior was because she was mentally damaged. Damage can result and manifest in Anyone whose spirit has been damaged by hate.

She made a mistake. She was a teenager. She was trying to learn how to be her. She was mentally beaten worse than a prisoner. She was physically attacked. Her voice verged on a breakdown and they took her down


In the day and age of social media, I cannot fathom the terror; the pain of each day she had to wake up and take another breath…

I remember that age. I remember mistakes that I made. I remember the hatred. I remember the threats.    It was ages ago

It was yesterday.

Bullying has no expiration date.

I almost left.

That is why WHY i refuse to remain silent


She WAS Somebody who just needed


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  1. I was discussing this with someone earlier today and all I could say was this is so cruel…why kids continue to be so mean and hateful…I have no comprehension for it. I know bullies are insecured kids but to torture another human being to the point she hurts herself is beyond me…

    We gotta do better as a society…we have to be better…

    Great post Angela!!!

    • Thank you so much for this response, boomie! I don’t watch a lot of TV, ergo, just heard about her story. As I played the video, I started reading the comments that were streaming in…the lack of compassion, the hate intermixed with the sorrow…

      You are Right – we do have to be better as a society!
      Strive for Peace & poetry ~ a

  2. This is one of those messed up parts of life where I just don’t get it. So sad what people will do to others & for what? I don’t get how anybody would think that it’s ok to bully others or treat them in such a manner as to degrade them. This is not something anybody should have to go through in life.

    • RoSy ~ thank you for sharing your thoughts! I’m very sorry this was lost in blogland, ergo, my late reply.
      Peace to you ~ angela

  3. Harrowing…..I always have this notion that people, by and large, are inherently good…seeing this…I have to wonder.

    This level of persecution would have not been possible without the internet. Policing this while helpful….doesn’t get at the root cause.

    The internet has given those who hate, those who are cruel, a way to extend their reach with little to no effort required.

    Its up to the rest of us to make sure it does the same for those with compassion and generosity. That’s all I can come up with.


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