beauty fades: words live forever

beauty walks swiftly into a room, sits down to decorate the landscape of perfectly pitched lithographs and one ornate mirror. despite the invention of electricity, the fall of the sun into the pinking horizon also destroys the thin line of solitude that keeps natural from nature. harsh light of reality paints black outlines and hardens a tired look into blue smudged shadows. when beauty glances up, it is her startled reflection that echoes down a hall of a dozen refracted dreams. no longer does she feel her youth, it is her mother that smiles back at her in paling light. ~ 

a bit of stream before I walk away from this screen tonight. too many hours reading twitter feeds and political commentary for my own good. work tomorrow shall be good unless some one mentions Clint Eastwood…. anyhoo,

I thought about beauty today, hence the above stream. It’s interesting, I’ve no patience for the demands of beauty in our society. It severely limits a woman and her ability to be perceived as human, she must first be objectified – categorized – what ‘class’ shall she fall into based on everything besides her IQ. The physical has always unnerved me. Yet, today I realized, there is one place I do feel beautiful….when I’m at the bookshop seeking a new treasure. Seriously, today I noticed how I smile upon a discovery (used bookshop) without self-consciousness. My posture is straight, not hunched, or trying to be small so that others may pass. When I finally pay for my purchase, I happily converse and look the clerk in the eye. Why? Books are the object; the beauty; and I am just the lowly receptacle who is fortunate enough to take a glimpse beyond their covers.

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  1. Unique personification of beauty.

  2. I really like this. I think I can relate…I was at the library for a while yesterday reading and afterwards went to get books…I found myself lost in the shelves surrounding by literary greats…I felt a washing over my skin, almost like a gentle caress…that feeling of this is where I best belong…this is my forte, my peace. I starting writing my feelings…

    Great post Angela!

  3. I have spent the last half hour cruising your blog, wine in hand, actually between lips, and I have concluded – no, in gullet – it’s a very interesting blog. I know this because – interesting word gullet – I have absolutely no desire to wander off anywhere else (unless directed by one or other of the links you have so conveniently provided).

    Thanks for your brilliant words you choose and the fabulous way you arrange them. I also like the sense you make with them which is a kind of creation by proxy, well certainly by accident. Bah! Who cares . . .

  4. I know just what you mean! It is when we are sharing intellect that we become totally absorbing. Just loved this post, Angela. Bravo!

  5. Eng.Hasan Al-Bahkali

     /  2012/09/03

    Good blog

  6. Upon second read I agree that words have beauty and not just in the genre of poetry. As a history/religion major I appreciate words as ways people of the past can speak to us today-a lasting legacy and an invaluable link far tot few people revere. .


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