painting a political landscape & WWLGD (what would lady gaga do?)

splat! the fat cat
a vector of absolutism
absolutely fragrant crap
forget that rooster, he said

for his next tumblr meme; one forgot
emptiness precludes a 1 percent promise.
chant, i promise You (comma) U S of A
Corporatization blinds our future!

destiny so sweet
a fart in the wind of hope
actually, it was hopefully change,
it being ineluctable

these wheels rolled too many miles
to teeter on the brink of manifest
duplicity; eye tooth of knave gnaws
off the selvage knowing

the consequence of drinking tea with four
paws. one must demonstrate gentile logic
tease with a bit of breaded flounder
slowly digesting, the yawn of duplicity

red banner suspends belief and shall
loom darker than a Kansas dustbowl
fields gone american gothic, tumult cries
I surmise we shall hear many rats.

… between my lunchtime silly & this, any regular reader must be wondering, WTH? Meh…you know, it is rather dangerous to read too much theory from the literary think tanks.

The above was inspired from a thread I discovered last week via Joe Weil of TheThe Poetry Blog. He has a series regarding metaphor that I’ve been reading while walking to get coffee on lunch. Tell ya what, it is good stuff (coffee and his writing). Hell, it’s gotta be for I’m walking in 90-100 degree heat with hot coffee. Nuts? Maybe…but it beats being in the icebox all day.

Do you ever feel like you spend more time online reading about reading than actually really reading? The internet is such a vast resource of information, but what a time suck. The list on Goodreads is impressive, but there needs to be a time when one quits reading reviews and starts reviewing the material.

The muse has been awfully quiet. I think she went into hiding when temps tipped 85 and the children started screaming on a daily basis. We seem to be a childcare institution with lots of toys and books and free entertainment…my snarky eye rolls and idiotic stories are just a bonus. Anyhoo, she somewhat resurfaced for tonight’s word challenge (see more on Joe Weil’s link). She also tapped on one nerve ending while crossing the street at lunchtime. There was a glimmer of a storyline; of course, it was lost the moment the icebox door opened, any melting inspiration froze on contact.

Interesting…painting has been on my mind, actually took out a blank canvas. Thought about attending a local artist event this weekend, but it sounds a bit pretentious. A co-worker stated that it was odd to have a suggested dress code considering it was a group of artists. I said, I’ll just pretend I’m an artist and dress accordingly…. let me think about this..WWLGD? A pal from another part of the building happened to come down the hall at the very moment. She laughed and said, tell me I did not just hear that out of your mouth? Absolutely. She is brilliant, truly. Oh, and her f*ck convention is rather refreshing ~



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  1. “…the consequence of drinking tea with four
    paws.” No wonder he didn’t have a foot to stand on.

  2. Fabulous poem, full of energy and movement, Angela. I just loved it.

  3. Ahh I just want to read you all the time, all the time.


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