we end tonight’s hodgepodge with Bert & Ernie

I swore I wouldn’t do this…meh, I’m giving myself 15 minutes…Go…

You see, I must try to get more than six hours of sleep tonight. My body is begging me. I’ve been working a later shift, ergo, there are not enough hours in the day.

I digress. Today, I had a nice chat with a young man regarding digital books, pros/cons. He was actually picking up a book/book The Hunger Games. (I try not to judge) We did chat about another book that he was reading in which I admitted that I will not read because I’m a book snob. He laughed, stating he was too, though, HG was so he could converse in social circles (he is an attractive, twentysomething…I’d insert ‘girls’ for ‘social circles’…just sayin’)

I have no desire to read Collin’s series, and said as much. He told me all I needed to read was The Lottery. When I inquired further, he became quite excited and insisted we see if the library owned a copy. Voila, we do, so I took it home this evening and read the short story by same title as said book.

Here is the deal: I’ve not read The Hunger Games. I’m curious if those that have read HG and The Lottery see a pattern. Did Collins do a bit of ‘fan fiction’ ala Fifty Shades of Grey to Twilight (two more series that are banned from crossing my threshold). I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Other notes of interest that I hope to explore when more time (tick tick tick)

An essay by Hilary Mantel, “Diary“.

A poet, whose “Van Gogh” recording has me intrigued.

Further reading on Gertrude Stein and her French politics. Must say, people either love or hate GS. Hemingway was very candid about her in A Moveable Feast. He swayed my POV.

I shall leave you with one more to ponder. If Obama opens the flood gates of cultural acceptance for same-sex marriages, do you think Bert & Ernie will finally come out of the bedroom?

(See, I told you I need some sleep… cheers)

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  1. Sweet dreams Angela.

    Pathologically averse to faux street culture.

    Loving, instead, mists, damp horses, deep greens and morphine.


  2. Bert and Ernie. OMG. Them too ? Who’s next ? Batman and Robin ?

  3. absolutly agree on not reading Hunger Games. And of course it is like Sherily Jackson’s tThe Lottery only this stuff pop stuff is just sensational. and cute guys who read dumb books no matter the reason will eventually disappoint. I suggest, humbly, as a book reviewer that you look at Helen Oyeyemi I just posted a review of her latest book on umaanyarwriter blog. I like her use of the muse as a sort of dominatrix of the writers…. she is young, black, e English raised and looking for a city. Interesting…. really. by the way how is the maynard memoir At h Home in the World going. ? I downloaded it.as I do not have a library in my neihboring ricefield in Ubud, Bali. go enjoy sleep now…


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