in. cold. blood. – rant ensues; justice remains in question

In. Cold. Blood.
My blood boils; yet, who am I, white/female/ still a product in some circles of inequality. That’s nothing, though, in this twisty society where there is more death attune to bigotry than one would expect in ‘polite society’. We wear our barista smiles while fashioning gunner mentality. That young man, no matter his color, should, Not. Have. DIED.
Stand Your Ground? Florida, a state committed to ‘let ‘em die;’ letting that conviction stand via Sodium Pentothal. Press.
Press this: Police, where is Mr. Martin’s phone? What planet do we live on when a young, black man, carrying Skittles and a Arizona tea, gets taken down in the backyard; in said ‘polite society’. Politics has helped create this mess despite mass prediction that a gun in the hands of certain citizens IS a lethal weapon.
History of Blood, colored RED, burns a hole deep in this overspent environment. Listen to NPR; to a young man explain the game. If you’re black, African-American, like him, then you walk, NOT run, through your Own neighborhood. A cop is rarely friendly; he, or she, treats you as the enemy.
Damn. What is this shit that clogs our country’s channels of power? Is this not news like the killing fields of Kony; yet Kony and cronies, have been killing for 20 years (why such late notice?) Where is Trayvon’s video, in a country that prides ourselves for equality? Where is His YouTube, gone viral, on Blogs; Facebooks; Tumblers; Twitters; Emails; Newsletters, any feeds besides the so-called ‘liberal’ press; asking “where is the phone? where is the justice?” Press this:
Thank God for the press, or this story would still be buried.
Bang. Your. Drum.
Where is Mr. Martin’s phone? Ask everyone.
Listen to Mother. Tell your Brother. Don’t be passive when so many wrongs are aggressive.Does your blood boil?
Make. Some. Noise.
Lana del Ray is wrong; we are not born to die; at least not this way:
in. cold. blood.

After reading a rather lengthy Mother Jones article, complete with 911 links and transcripts; this is the by-product. While writing up from hard copy; news bloggers I follow have reported that the PD Chief has stepped down during investigating this wrongful death. Hopefully, now, we shall find out the ‘truth’.

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  1. This is a really great post. Fab writing and very moving.

    I only wish everyone had your same reaction, and maybe we’d see a little more action, more change.

  2. The writing so fits the story, Angela. A moving tribute.

  3. I love how this is written . . . the story jumps but flows with amazing elegance. :-)

  4. May I share this on my facebook page, please?

  5. Oh this world suffers while the people rampantly flout laws and blood is cheaper than alcohol
    All the justice in the world will not be able to make the death return the man but yes we need answers from every one who thought theirs was the right to kill others
    what a powerful article

  6. I’m with you all the way. Great post, Angela.

  7. hedgewitch

     /  2012/03/24

    I think the country is finally waking up, angela. But why should it take so long? Where is Zimmerman? Why wasn’t there at least a statement taken at the station and a tox report on *him*? The whole thing makes no sense to me.. Don’t even get me started.


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