exhale ~

“I’m Every Woman …” Whitney Houston,
August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012.

(I write this not knowing the details of Ms. Houston’s death.)

Whitney Houston defined the Pop Movement in the late 80s through the 90s for my generation. My genre of choice was more grunge and metal, than pop; yet, I remember going to see The Bodyguard, thinking Houston was the epitome of sassy, beautiful talent. Houston’s voice was a thing of wonder.

This post was not planned (obviously). In fact, I only logged on for a moment to check a social media account I manage, when I saw the first unconfirmed Houston tweet. Once it was confirmed, Houston’s death went viral. The accolades were amazing; I only recall harsh criticism of Houston in the last few years. Artists, especially those whose career and personal life have imploded publicly, seem fair game for tough words.

Whitney was every woman. Her story is any female’s story to some extent. She was vulnerable. She was desirable. She was successful. She was blessed. Her videos were empowering to those of us who have experienced the hurt; the anger; and the need to right the wrong after being deceived.

One thing that I thought whilst reading so many positive FB & Twitter updates was that Houston shall not experience this outpouring. I shall not get metaphysical, or mystical, posit that she does know; does see these words … one can hope.

No matter where Ms. Houston roams this eve, I’d like to think she is finally able to soar; to sing eternal; her flame burning brightly in a better world, where she can finally be at peace, finally able, to exhale.~

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  1. Lovely tribute, Angela…

  2. A fitting tribute Angela. Honest and heart warming.


  3. A fItting tribute, Angela.


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