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I hit the mat with ego intact; breath is a bit raged,
mind preoccupied, bounces; darkness inside this empty cavern,
outside the moon wrestles, not wishing to go under;

limbs, bloodless, move upwards; fingers reach
mind dips low, projecting light less images;
palms meet, anjali mudra, come pray with me, please;

bend deep; ego opens, pain blossoms
widening sit bones, no eight limbs branched yet,
just my version of Eastern practice, not intact;

surya namaskara a, flows namaskara b;
movement deliberate, bandas mobilizing,
breathe; trikonasona, side angle, what angle

am I now; somehow, we begin to see;

dive once more, face to floor, matless,
a purist using earth, even at 30 degrees
breeze starts to flow within, moving out;

days go, no practice, no intention set;
regret creeps along frayed nerves,shaking;
just begin again (a whisper), yes, I heard

yoga calling to release me,
from me ~

Just read this NYTimes article; the debate goes on regarding yoga. I shall be the first to admit that I approach yoga for the energy; the athletics; the challenge of asanas. I push, I challenge myself. As teacher, I do none of these things. I’m gentle; I caution; I teach with great wariness to injury.

We may be Western in our approach, but many of us do not buy into the clothes; the cliques; the hipster vibe of yoga represented in some of these articles. Many are TRUE to the practice because we’ve experienced the beauty, the knowledge of yoga. Not a religion, but a vision. A vision of our Oneness with the world once we have spent time on our mat.

I’ve just come to realize this in the last few days. If any doubt, read my previous posts which read like koans and zen-inspired poetry. All came to me after days of continual practice.

I pray that the debate continues in an enlightened manner. If it is the voice of yogis who practice because they know yoga makes them better inside, it will. Shanti ~

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  1. Wonderful poem.

    Strengthening the body . . . silencing the Ego mind . . . BREATHE.

    • Yes, I’m honest and will say my ego gets me in trouble on the mat. Not that I think I’m some great yogi, but because I don’t like to say “I can’t do that”…well, until it comes to scorpion… BREATHE, indeed~


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