Guernica blues

It was wrapped in canvas tied with a bit of tattered yellow ribbon. The note read,

To my muse, Wars, even our own, must end sometime, P

I miss him, but coloured my hair blue as he only loves reds. Someday I’ll tell my child, I inspired Picasso, just not that one.

This is my attempt at a 55 flash fiction piece (if the word count on here is correct). I saw a picture on Sartorialist blog that I just LUV, but I cannot reproduce in respect to copyrights. If you wish to see what inspired this flash, you should visit, it is such an edgy shot of a girl in a leather jacket fashioned with Picasso’s Guernica ~ brilliant, I so covet that jacket (though I’d like a pleather version :))

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  1. I also want the jacket :)
    And I let my hair go grey, I knew he wouldn’t notice anyway …

  2. Great flash fiction!

    I’ll pass on the leather and pleather . . . but want to die my hair PURPLE. Suitable for Spring, eh?

    • Thanks, Nancy! I would love to see ya in purple hair! It would give you at least
      a weeks worth of blog fodder!! As Nike states, just do it!

  3. Absolutely wonderful – perfect in its own way! I am humbled that you stopped by my blog, and I look forward to visiting yours much more frequently!


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